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Designers have created some of the most stylised shoe styles ever nike that will force fashionistas to max out their credit cards even in the time of the recession. To help you choose the most fashionable shoes and keep you up to date with the Vitoria Beckhams and Paris Hiltons, here is a quick guide to shoe fashion trends for 2009. Read this to find out about the hottest shoes that'll help you sizzle your way into summer. EXTREME HIGH HEELSModels' legs are becoming even longer as we move further into 2009, not that they need it though, due to the extreme high heels that are dominating the fashion scene. It's been reported that famous shoe designer, Christian Louboutin is all set to launch heels higher than 7 inches this spring.

Stylists warn that fashion-conscious women will really need to have great balance if they wish to keep up under armour with the shoe fashion trends for 2009 summers. Stilettos to rule - According to stylists, spindly stiletto heels are to hold their prime position in the shoe world, and this time they are armed with a few extra inches on the heel. Women who are a bit hesitant of the trend will find some solace in the fact that a few inches of a platform are being incorporated into the shoe design in the front of the shoe, so that it makes it easier to manage the thin and very high stiletto heels at the back. Designers giving artistic expression to stiletto heel shoes include Balenciaga, Chado Ralph Rucci, Yves Saint Laurent and DSquared2. Platforms retain their place - Ladies who find it hard to strut in stilettos will be relieved to know that platforms have retained their position as part of the 2009 summer shoe collection.

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