balenciaga race runner

1982 - 1994
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balenciaga race runner

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Fishermen in Spanish villages inspired some of the late designer's most iconic looks, including a loose shirt known by its French name, "Vareuse, " and a hat with long, sloping brim at the back that has prompted comparisons to Darth Vader's cowl. "It was a uniform of the poor that he turned into an icon for the brand, " Gvasalia said of the Vareuse, whose shape he has transposed into short dresses in several recent Balenciaga collections. "I just wanted to point out that appropriation didn't start as a concept in fashion with me. I've just maybe modernized it in a way that's understandable for my generation of consumers who I talk to. Because we grew up balenciaga race runner with the same values, the same interests, and I would call this the first Internet generation. " Gvasalia also did a version in yellow leather at Balenciaga, also for personal reasons.

Over half a century later, the said stockings and vinyl raincoats were key emblems in Gvasalia's debut for the fashion house, transfigured into perpendicularly shouldered coats and jolting neon Spandex stocking-boots (notably in the pink and blue violets that sent Vreeland into hyperbolic overdrive). Gvasalia's appropriation of streetwear, and even the inexpensive offerings of everyday items found in urban bric-a-brac stores, is often associated with the more recent street-up practice synonymous with Martin Margiela. The origin of the approach, however, can be traced much further back. "If you consider the way that Margiela thought about clothing and the way that Balenciaga thought about clothing, there's a compatibility of the degree of philosophical contemplation that went into what they did, " says Tim Blanks, editor-at-large at BoF. "The thing with Cristóbal Balenciaga is he's an endless resource for designers, but he's an extremely demanding one.

Today, Balenciaga is a global brand with a slew of product categories and a global network boutiques. During the golden age of couture, Balenciaga was the most expensive dressmaker in Paris, with a maison at 10 Avenue George V that was almost impossible to get into. Famously guarded, Balenciaga's couture house was no place for "curious women" (identification was required upon entry to the salons, and his trusted silver-haired vendeuses all dressed in Spanish black would often dismiss hopeful clients before they could even pass the threshold). Balenciaga famously said that "a woman of fashion cannot be elegant unless she patronises a single dressmaker, " and women were so enamoured by his clothes that they would actually surrender to his dictum.

Diana Vreeland famously recalled the audience "going up in foam and thunder" at his shows, which could last up to three hours in monastic silence, and ignite spending frenzies. American heiress Barbara Hutton once ordered 19 dresses, six suits, balenciaga arena low three coats and a négligée from a single collection, while in 1963 Mona von Bismarck bought 88 outfits, following this with a total of 140 items over the next few years. "Whereas Dior's dresses are most ingeniously and beautifully evolved from sketches, Balenciaga uses fabrics like a sculptor working with marble, " wrote Cecil Beaton in "The Glass of Fashion. " In 1947, when Dior was cinching the waist and amplifying the calf-skimming skirt, Balenciaga sent out jackets and coats that were convex at the back and curved up in Obrázek the front of the hip to the button fastening.